Thousands of people from different countries believe in healing magic of water when they come to well-known Ukrainian
balneal resort Truskavets. Its subsoil preserves inexhaustible source of 14 healing springs with the purest mineral waters.
Unique properties of mineral waters determine main resort treatment directions:
I. Urology
II. Gastroenterology
III. Metabolic diseases
The most known mineral water of Truskavets is “Naftusia” which contains plenty of organic matters of oil origin. “Naftusia” improves the kidneys balanced functioning, urinary tracts and digestive apparatus, normalizes metabolism and suscitate endocrine glands. Contacting with the air the organic maters of «Naftusia» are destroying, that’s why its strongly recommended to drink it directly near bath.
“Maria”, “Sofia”, “Bronislava” and “Yuzya” mineral waters are actively used along with “Naftusia”.
«Mountain wax» - ozokerite - is also actively used on resort for treatment. It is mined in few kilometers from Truskavets.
Ozokeritotherapy is used on resort form 1947. Wax is used in heat treatment as an anti-inflammatory agent, as well as for effective treatment of degenerative diseases.
Besides the Chief Medical Profile - Urology, concomitant diseases are also treated on resort - digestive system, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, diabetes, etc.